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Open House Deli, 4a Middle Brook St, Winchester, SO23 8AQ

Hi, Welcome to Open House Deli

We are a sustainably run kitchen and deli in Winchester, on a mission to bring inspiring and fulfilling food on the go, every day, for everyone. We know how important your food is, which is why we have created a tailorable menu; starting with vegan based breakfasts and lunches; we give you the choice to 'top' with changing meats, fish, cheeses, stuffed vegetables, fritters and dips. Together with coffee, tea, cakes and savoury snacks there's enough to power you through your afternoon.

Developed by Rebecca, who grew tired of boring pre-packaged sandwiches and salads with hidden ingredients and predictable, limited options. We bring passion, colour, seasonality, creativity and freshness to our cooking. It is important to us to be completely transparent about our ingredients and sourcing so you know exactly what you are eating. Our aim is to run a zero-waste kitchen and work closely with our suppliers to eliminate as much single use plastic as possible.

Open House Deli is exactly that, a place where everyone is welcome whatever your food requirements. So welcome in, you meat eaters, carb cravers, plant lovers, gluten avoiders, vegetarians, flexitarians… we love you all!

After almost a year of searching and trading on a market stall, we're excited to be under a permanent roof. To do so though, and find the perfect location we've had to be creative! We're excited to be collaborating with Bespoke Biking, allowing us to operate together in one great big space – bringing cycling and food together! Which is why you'll find us jointly in 'The Bike Hub at Open House Deli'

Why sustainable?

We think the question today to business should be why not sustainable?

Everyday there is a new podcast, article or programme about the damaging impact we are collectively having on the planet. The statistics are mind blowing, and to be honest we think it's easy to get overwhelmed; but more worryingly that as a society we feel our individual choices can't make a change.

We believe we are one place where our customers don't have to worry because we've already made conscious decisions to lessen our impact on the environment. Not only are we working efficiently with the aim of running a zero-waste kitchen, we are working closely with our suppliers to source seasonally and locally, with as little single use plastic as possible. We also want to make it easy for you to live more sustainably, which is why we stock a range of plastic free merchandise for home, on the go and beauty.

These are our commitments to you.

We only use compostable biodegradable packaging, and if you bring it back to us we will ensure it is disposed of correctly, and you will also be get a stamp on our loyalty scheme.

We give money off to everyone who uses their own coffee cup or lunch box to take away in, and gets a stamp in our loyalty scheme.

We only stock drinks that are in cans or bottles, to easily be recycled.

Aim to send nothing to landfill waste.

We will publish all our waste levels, for recycling, compost and land fill.

Making these decisions now, is a commitment to our staff, customers and community. We recognise, and we hope you do too; that we equally are at the beginning of our journey. We are making the best decisions that we possibly can, and we're all learning. If you've got any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve please let us know.

Our merchandise

We've carefully selected a range of brands that use environmentally friendly packaging, sustainably sourced materials and believe as passionately as we do about reducing the amount of waste we produce.

Whether it's at home or travelling on the go, we have a variety of plastic free merchandise to help you make those small changes. From beeswax wraps to use instead of clingfilm, to bamboo cutlery to pop in your for the day; we have lots of products for the kitchen, bathroom and on the go.

Some of the brands that we stock are Green Pioneer, Bambu, Beeswax Wraps Co, Lucy Bee Chilly's, Huskup, Georganics, Hydrophil.

Opening times

Monday - Friday
Saturday - Sunday
7am - 5pm
8am - 5pm

Contact us

[email protected]

07917 208 682

Open House Deli
4a Middle Brook St,
SO23 8AQ